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We help therapists and coaches build a Smart Private Practice. Our mission is to provide the tools and environment to ensure your success.

  • Every therapist and coach has the ability to build a profitable and fulfilling private practice.
  • New therapy and coaching practices often have trouble getting started…or they stall. That’s where we come in.
  • Our mission is to provide the tools and environment to ensure your success.

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    About Us

    Smart Private Practice iconA Message From Jeanine and Anne

    Smart Private Practice

    Anne McSorley is the founder and resource curator of SPP. Anne has 25 years of experience in private practice as a licensed psychotherapist and a board certified coach. Her smart private practice enterprise includes business consulting, clinical supervision, a fee-for-service private practice, and executive coaching.

    Smart Private Practice

    Jeanine Rousso’s passion for helping goes far beyond her work as a counselor. She has a love for the business side of practice and as a third generation small business owner, embraces her family’s entrepreneurial roots. Jeanine uses her intuitive and optimistic nature to help other therapists grow to be more confident businesswomen and men. Jeanine currently owns two thriving private counseling practices in Atlanta and Santa Rosa Beach, FL.