There is nothing scarier to therapists who spends all of their time in a room, one on one, communing with a client, than the idea of promoting themselves to the wider world. What irony–the same person that sits in their chair developing a relationship based on trust and unconditional regard is reluctant to develop relationships! Here then, are three techniques in three hours that will give you a great foundation to market your practice and yes, yourself. Painless Marketing in 3 Hours.

Meet with Yourself. Weekly. No Exceptions. This is your Business Planning Hour.

The most successful entrepreneurs know how to proceed forward because they have a purpose and a plan–with a process–to get there. Envision this plan of attack to attract more clients: 15 minutes of googling every organization in your city that has anything to do with your niche. Want to see young adults with anxiety? Get in touch with college counseling centers. Want to focus on men who are single parents? Call the coordinator at a local church that offer divorce groups. Then, Spend 15 minutes making the calls, crafting the e-mail, asking for  a short meeting and following up with a LinkedIn request. Finally, spend the next 30 minutes, looking over your marketing materials, your website and your schedule. How would you like to go forward and expand your niche? What feels the most fulfilling to you? What doesn’t? Plot out your next moves, including the possible referral sources you would like to meet and the work around your niche you would like to explore. Tweak, refine, add and subtract.

Contact your Professional Organizations and Develop a Relationship.

You have people. Each of us belongs to a professional organization. The APA, ACA, NASW, AMH– Yes, the thing you do best with your people–Pain free, right? Ask how to get involved. Start a committee to contact every new therapist that joins your professional organization that year and welcome them. Volunteer to call local business organizations and offer free talks–then, ask some therapists to do the talking. Feeling brave? Do a talk yourself. While you are doing this, be sure to let your new colleagues know what kind of therapy you love. See Blog post–Essential Steps to Develop a Practice Niche and get more Therapy Clients.

Join a Marketing Group. Or a Kickball Group. Go to

Their slogan is “neighbors getting together to do something, share something.”Decide you are going to 1 meeting and telling 5 people your elevator speech. Just one, then five. Your goal? Telling someone other than a client why you love what you do. And when you do, as you field the kickball or find out how widgets are marketed overseas, you will be expanding your base of referrals and relationships—all of whom will remember your niche and elevator speech.


There you have it. Three hours and you only had to leave your chair to attend a meeting–a meeting designed to meet people! I promise, three months of three hours weekly and your practice will, with no growing pains, expand.