Once upon a time there was a young witch therapist who visited a wise old crone therapist. The crone had just finished her weekly sessions and was busy settling her accounts.“Hmm,”she mused. “My deposits will be a little less this time. “Looks like I had two cancellations that were within the time limit and a termination.” The crone knew that in the rhythms of private practice this was not an unusual occurrence but just something to notice. Maybe a little more marketing? Maybe an opportunity to fit in that teleconference for CEUs? Or maybe, as wise old witches often need, an afternoon nap could be added to the schedule.


The young witch, however, was horrified. “Oh no! What will you do? Reduce your fees? Cancel that massage you have scheduled? Or worse! Do you need to consider working for someone else?”


The wise crone smiled and basked in her age and experience. “No, my anxious but conscientious colleague. I have had many years of keeping track. I know the rhythms of my practice. And the rhythm of the seasons. I can guarantee that the week before Christmas and the first week of lovely spring weather, my clients will forget or cancel. I know that to react to one week of lower income is irrational in the face of running a long-term business. I also know that being attached to every dollar that shows up compromises my ability to effectively assess, treat, and plan my sessions according to a clinical need and not a monetary one. In addition, in my business plan, I market on a weekly basis with the contacts I have built up over time and I am confident in my ability to do so. Lastly, and most importantly, I work knowing that I get great feedback from my clients and my consultative group, so that I do not work in a vacuum of anxiety about money. Focusing on my work and doing my best are the most effective spells I have to increase my income.”


The younger witch sighed with relief. “Ah, wise crone, you have given me the secret to a successful relationship with money. Detachment is key. If I worry every day about how much I bring in, I won’t have the energy to concentrate on building the practice. Thank you for sharing this most important piece of private practice advice. I appreciate that your magic is based on experience, fact, and strong marketing principles”.


With that, the crone, delighted as she was by the visit, gently led her colleague to the door and enjoyed a long, luxurious nap, dreaming about a fulfilling schedule and a hefty net income.