I swore up and down I would hold on to paper notes and forms as long as I could. Then, I got a new office with no good place to put a big, ugly file cabinet. I started exploring and researching online client management systems and found what has been my savior, TheraNest. I loved it so much at my Florida practice that I have now implemented it at my Georgia practice as well. Here are the top 10 things I love about TheraNest:
1.      Therapy notes and forms templates
No need to reinvent the wheel, TheraNest provides detailed templates for notes and intake forms that you can customize as needed.
2.      Electronic signatures, for staff and clients
There’s absolutely no need to print any notes or forms if you don’t want to. It can all be done online. Save the trees!
3.      Missing notes report
This is crucial for those days when I’m just too tired to write any notes at the end of the day and need to go back and do them another day. It’s also great at my group practice to make sure everyone is on top of their notes. No longer do I have to go through paper after paper and file after file. A couple of clicks and I know what’s missing.
4.      Client scheduling
Clients are able to login to the portal and request their appointment time based on the calendar I provide. No more back and forth trying to find a time that works, give clients more control. I just go in and approve their request to confirm.
5.      Secure messaging
You can message with clients in on a HIPAA secure platform. Clients will receive a message to their email to alert them they have a message waiting, and you don’t have to worry about security.
6.      Online payment
Clients are able to go in and pay any open invoices with a few clicks, easy peasy.
7.      Invoices and superbills created quickly
Sessions are already coded with CPT codes, client and provider information entered, and they can easily be sent to clients after each session.
8.      Credit card processing
I can store clients’ credit card information and easily accept payment through the same system where all other client information is stored.
9.      Electronic insurance claims
Insurance claims can be easily submitted with all client and provider information. Reduce mistakes and the hassle of submitting insurance claims.
10.    The mobile app for both Apple iOS and Android
I can dictate my notes (ummmm, this is genius and possibly my favorite thing of all), manage appointments, and see client information on my phone. This is super convenient when I just need to check one thing or don’t have my computer around.
TheraNest has helped me improve efficiency and my organization. Nobody gets into counseling to do paperwork, and TheraNest has made it easier and more pleasant to get the dreaded paperwork completed.
We take our recommendations to heart, and we only want to share with you businesses and services that we really love and trust. If you’re interested in trying TheraNest out, they offer a free 21-day trial. Just for being a Smart Private Practice subscriber, you will also receive 20% off your first 3 months after your 21-day trial.