We at Smart Private Practice are all about diversifying your income streams. There are a couple of really good reasons to do this:

  1.       It adds variety to how you spend your time.
  2.       You aren’t solely relying on the ups and downs of  counseling income.

I accidentally fell into educational consulting through networking and promoting my private counseling practice, but I sure am glad I did.

I took my counseling information to a preschool, and as I was chatting with the director, she asked if I had any experience doing teacher trainings or helping with students who had challenging behaviors.  Sure enough, I had experience with both, through my work as a school counselor. With that conversation, my work in consulting was born.  I was able to tap into my previous experiences to offer a new service to a new demographic.  I ‘officially’ added school consultation as a part of my business and offered my services to other schools in the area.

I missed the teamwork and collaboration with other professionals.  As an educational consultant, I was able to fill that void. I went to schools to provide trainings, student observations, and teacher support.  I had a contract where I was guaranteed several hours of work per month and in return, I gave them a reduced rate. Not only did I diversify how I spent my time, but I also added income that I could count on each month.

I’ve found that many in our field are in their second career.  Think about your previous experience and expertise. How can you combine your knowledge of human behavior and any other skills you’ve gained to supplement your income? Take advantage of those skills and offer  them to support other businesses while growing your private practice and adding to your monthly take home pay.