In part one we covered the necessary essentials for building practice success:

  • Good business practices
  • Technology hacks for phone calls (Slydial), confidentiality (HushMail) and notes (TheraNest)
  • Planned marketing hours

Today, we cover the two areas that ensure ongoing practice success.


Colleague relationships. They are the reason you avoid burnout, stay current and develop a trusted and ethical reputation. Tall order? You bet– but after a few decades of being in the business, I credit consultation, supervision and honest, vulnerable chats with my colleagues as the reason I am still successful. I learn from my colleagues in my supervision sessions, the monthly dinner I have with a friend whose practice I admire and those therapists that are doing work I am intrigued by. I am quick to refer to a therapist who is an expert in a niche, and and I enjoy chatting about the talented therapists in my group (and others!) that are doing great work. My mantra? There’s room for every excellent clinician. I promote mental health in every area of my life; therefore, I try to advance the therapists that are doing the work. As I do this, I talk about my own niche and my interests in my practice. The synergy is contagious and comforting. We are all in this together!


Money. The subject that every therapist talks about in consultation.  The lack of it, the meaning, the need–you name it and we attach money to it. I can’t teach you not to worry about your student loans, rent and fees. But I can detail for you the elements that take the emotion out of the dollars coming into your practice. Follow these five steps:

  1. Set your fees with confidence
  2. Set your best schedule
  3. Understand the rhythms of client hours
  4. Diversify your income streams
  5. Keep your costs low by understanding your expenses.


At Smart Private Practice, we guarantee that if you take these ideas to heart and follow the process, you will have a successful private practice. If you need help in any way, we are here to guide you through our large library of  free written material, our low cost e-books and our expert consultation.