YouTube has become one of the best ways to improve the visibility of your website in search results.  YouTube is owned by Google, and they are the world’s second largest search engine. People watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube content each day!  So how do you tap into this powerful marketing tool to build your practice? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1.       Create a how-to or informational video aimed at your ideal client.  Think about what someone might Google to find your page and turn that into a video.  Keep your title direct and attention grabbing. A couple of ideas: “Simple Parenting Tips for a Child with ADHD” or “How to Manage Social Anxiety when You’d Rather Stay Home”.  It could even be something more specific to your area: “How to Find the Right Therapist in Atlanta, GA.” Check out other videos on the topic and make sure to alter your title a bit from those.

  2.       Keep it quick.  Two or three minutes is plenty of time to keep your viewer interested throughout the video while also giving them solid information.  The longer the video is, the more likely the viewer is to turn it off.

  3.       Don’t keep your call to action until the end.  Make sure you start out AND end with what you want your viewers to do: visit your website, call you directly, send you an email, leave a comment below.

  4.       Use the description area to drive traffic to your website.  The first thing on your description should be your website. Then write about what the video covers and some general information about your practice and yourself.  Don’t be afraid of including too much information in the description.

  5. Not comfortable on camera?  Create a slideshow of pictures with a voiceover of information.  Make sure there is a good mix of graphics and words to keep your audience captive.  Make sure your thumbnail image is appealing to your audience. At some point, include either a live shot or headshot so the viewer will know who they are watching.
  6.       Share everywhere you can.  If you have a social media presence on any other platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), be sure to share your videos there.  You might also have the videos on your website. The more exposure you can create, the more traffic you will see.

Creating and sharing quick, educational videos is an evergreen way to drive potential clients to your website.  You don’t need to have fancy equipment or expertise in creating videos, just a few minutes and some helpful information to give.