What are your absolute musts this year in private practice that you want to resolve to follow through on? Here’s a few we hear about weekly:

  • Grow your income
  • Reduce insurance dependence
  • Drop nights or weekend hours
  • Add a new skill

Do yourself a favor and use your calendar for action items for the next 12 months. If that feels impossible, I invite you to look back at last year. Pretty dependable, right? You showed up at the office week after week. Your clients knew they’d have an hour with you at the appointed time. Now, I want you to do the same for yourself. Give yourself an appointed time to achieve your practice desires.

Let’s take those four common goals of a growing practice:

Add income 

Plan an hour a week of outreach. You decide what works best for you: maybe it’s increasing your social media activity, beefing up your referral sources, or starting a relationship with a new colleague.

Weaning off insurance panels.

Look at the income you receive and the timeliness of payments— which company should you drop? Which is the most lucrative? Start now and figure out how to ethically and responsibly drop a company from your roster.

Drop nights, a Saturday or early mornings.

This is a tough one– accommodating clients is a high priority but so is your schedule. The secret here is to accommodate yourself and enlighten your clients to put their healthcare first. There are many ways to do this. Having an honest and collaborative chat with your evening and Saturday clients may yield surprising results. They may be able to use comp time every other month or work later or earlier to accommodate your schedule. You may allow them to have  a phone session.

Meet them halfway and instead of dropping all your nights, drop half in any given month.

Learn a new skill.

Let this be a chance to get out of your office and renew. In any given month, all of our professional organizations offer workshops and conferences. Psychotherapy Networker has a terrific conference in DC every year. Continuing education is a chance to refresh or learn a new way to flex your skill set. Plan a day or two away to avoid burnout.

Every week you are there for your clients. This year, be as reliable for you.

Invest “your” time in the practice.