Looking back on a couple years of posts has led me to this one. If you take each directive post, put the time in to do the action, I know you’ll be successful. I’ve seen it time and time again:  energy yields results.

If like me, you get ideas from all kinds of sources, the internet is full of them. My colleagues in Philadelphia, Florida and North Carolina all have informative practice building websites. We know what works. Sometimes, though there’s something missing.

Private practice clinicians are successful because they have confidence in their ability to grow a practice. On the days where the cancellations outnumber the clients, they pivot. Calls to referrals, a walk in the park or some overdue bookkeeping occupy their time. They don’t decide they are unworthy, failures or “just not an entrepreneur.”

This, however, is exactly what I hear in business consultations. And so, I pivot, too. I ask the questions that seemingly have nothing to do with marketing or starting a business. Actually, I’ve found out, these questions have everything to do with it.

Maybe you should talk to someone?

Your education to become a therapist usually didn’t include how to start a business. In a lot of graduate programs that idea is scarcely talked about at all.In fact, there may be a little unconscious bias at work: we are helpers—not capitalists!

And yet, to become a confident, successful therapist in private practice, our own insecurities about our ability to create a secure financial reality must be explored. The “not good enough” script is alive and well when starting out. Never mind, the conflict avoidance that comes with it. Doing a deep dive into the real reasons why you “won’t be successful” is a worthy endeavor. Blaming the competition, insurance companies and unwilling clients is avoiding your own trepidation about making mistakes, building relationships and personal competency.

How do I know? I’ve been there countless times. As I’ve built my practices, moved offices, added coaching— I got lots of feedback. Therapy, consultation, mentoring. All three led me through failures, and to great success.

I invite and urge you to take a good hard look at what motivates you and stops you dead in your tracks. Go to therapy for this reason. Join a safe consultation group or better yet, start one that’s designed to just talk about these things. Hire a business coach. Just talk to someone.