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So, here you are. You have your coaching credentials, a great curriculum vitae and a network to provide support when some outsider perspective is needed. The problem; to leave a well paying job, you need steady income and the confidence that there will be sufficient coaching hours to make a living. While your work may have been rewarding, you desire to share your expertise and skills with others and as icing on the cake – call your own shots! Let’s assume you have have waded through your options and you truly know this is the right path. Let’s also assume your financial reality and life balance will allow you to carve out at least one hour a week to devote to a coaching client.

That’s right, ONE hour. That’s all you need to start your private coaching practice. One client, one hour. Then, you add. Another hour, another and another. Soon you are turning in your resignation and working for yourself. It’s exactly how we started. We left the security of paid employment and started out slowly. Soon we were picking up steam and adding hour after hour. The question is – how do you go out on your own? Grab your coffee and let’s go! You’ll be halfway there before noon. And, with these ten quick actions, you can rest assured you have done the legwork and made the right decision.

That’s what we did. Let’s show you how to do it too…

10 Steps to a Successful Private Practice book photo

Creating a step-by-step plan for your private practice is probably easier than you think, but it does require some planning. In this e-book you’ll get access to real-time issues that face clinicians who are starting their own practice. This isn’t a bunch of theory . . . it’s high impact, it’s fast paced, and it’s all about getting solid results.

We will start off small by determining your niche and as we add each component, from the financial systems to the forms, your practice will grow because you will have mastered each and every step it takes to be successful. We are going to show you the best and most effective ways we know to do this and it does not involve paying huge amounts of money — but it does save hours of time.

We will show you how to build the solid foundation that will be the basis and bedrock for getting your clients to invest in their therapy and you. This e-book lays the groundwork upon which the rest of your practice depends. You’ll learn how to tell your story, and make your clinical expertise more engaging and marketable . . . even if you abhor the idea of marketing!

For $9.00 we will show you how to get your practice – in explicit terms – from beginning to successful. You’ll also learn all the things you wished you had learned in graduate school about how to run a profitable and rewarding business.

What People Are Saying

“Smart Private Practice is a vital resource—for the challenges I faced as I began my practice, and for those that lie ahead. I appreciate the breadth of issues covered, the concrete examples that accompany each topic, and the accessible, conversational tone of the entire book. The clincher for me was SPP’s comprehensive instruction on all matters of business, expertly delivered. Invaluable.”

PD, Career Coach

“Smart Private Practice has been an invaluable resource as I am starting a new counseling practice as well as reinvigorating an existing one. I have been able to use the proven strategies to help me stay focused on effective ways to build relationships and referral sources in a new location. I also employed the ideas in SPP to empower therapists under my direction to generate their own client base at a long-standing practice.”

JR, Counselor

“Each time I read a chapter in Smart Private Practice, I find myself looking over my shoulder, wondering if Anne and Jeanine have been following me around. Each topic seems to address something that has been on my mind in the last week (‘Why yes, yes I have been neglecting my weekly marketing hour, now that you bring it up…’), and motivates me to honor my practice by being a savvy business owner as well as a caring therapist. Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for years, I’d be willing to bet that you’ll recognize yourself in more than one Smart Private Practice scenario. Do yourself a favor and let Anne and Jaclyn follow you around too! “

JJ, Psychotherapist