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These sessions are for you if you want to tackle a particular aspect of private practice or get some dedicated time to go faster and deeper into the mechanics of your own situation.

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Your cost is $125.00 an hour or four hours for $450.00. Plan to make that up in no time with the implementation of good solid business advice.

Common Topics
Defining Your Niche
Systems and Forms
Growing Your Practice
Building an Online Presence
Transition from Solo to Group Practice

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4 Hours

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Not sure? Schedule a complimentary 10-minute consultation before deciding!

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Not sure? Schedule a complimentary 10 minute consultation before deciding!

I feel sure that once I get back on this bike that I’ll ride CONFIDENTLY. This will simply be a new venture on my own – a different bike with a different ride, nonetheless still a bike.   I very much appreciated your encouragement through the entire course!!”

Janice McLeroy, LPC, NCC, MEd, Deeply Rooted Counseling

“Jeanine continues to be pivotal to my growth and development as a new clinician. She has been instrumental in helping me build a caseload. More importantly, she encourages and guides me towards effectiveness, authenticity, and health as a counselor so that I can serve my clients to the best of my ability”.

Lauren K. Nichols, APC, M.Div., M.S.

About Jeanine

Smart Private Practice

Jeanine Rousso, LMHC, LPC, RPT-S
Jeanine’s passion for helping goes far beyond her work as a counselor. She has a love for the business side of practice and as a third generation small business owner, embraces her family’s entrepreneurial roots. Jeanine uses her intuitive and optimistic nature to help other therapists grow to be more confident businesswomen and men. Jeanine currently owns two thriving private counseling practices in Atlanta and Santa Rosa Beach, FL.